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Millionaire Milestone

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

THE other day – well, somewhere between January 22 and 23 GMT – the visitor counter for Someone Once Told me clicked past 1,000,000. I’ve taken a belated screenshot today (January 26) of part of the site stats and posted it here.

For quite a long time I’ve been staring at that particular figure, punching in the digits from September 8, 2007 when the site went fully live, to see what the running total of visits was. The big prize was to eventually get up to 1m, and now it’s been achieved I feel something of a sense of relief, and pride, and great pleasure that so many people have contributed to the SOTM idea, by either visiting the site or contributing an image.

The figure of 8.3m page views, one which rises regularly, is rather bloody marvellous too, and testimony to how much interest is generated by the things other people have been told around the world, some of which are on display on the site – more than 1,200 and rising daily.

I have been idly wondering of late how I might wind SOTM up one day, how best I can ever provide an exit from it, not because I don’t love it utterly and wholeheartedly, but because I’m always wracked with doubt about how many images I can possibly get, and how long can it all go on for before things just grind to a halt.

Well, stats like the one posted above make me believe that the SOTM adventure has a little while longer to go yet.

Thanks to everyone who’s ever visited the site – now for the next 1m hits.