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The Magic Number

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013
Here I am taking a SOTM photo - can I take yours?

Here I am taking a SOTM photo – can I take yours?

Ever since I announced the SOTM World Tour I’ve been wading through emails sent in by kind folk around the globe, offering to help me out.

Whether it’s somewhere to stay in Cairo, Port Elizabeth or Melbourne, or offering to round up people for photographs in Sydney, Tokyo or Vienna, I’ve been thrilled with people’s willingness to assist me.

But before I even get to that stage, I need help of a different sort.

I need – as it stands – 123 photographs to keep SOTM going in the immediate future. And I need them urgently.

Getting that number of images will secure enough SOTM photos to cover each day until the end of June 2012, so that the site will continue to have a new daily photograph until I leave at the start of that month, plus a little breathing space.

Once I depart I’ll be taking SOTM photos full time and securing enough content won’t be an issue.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Do you have any events, conferences, parties, general gatherings down the pub that I could come to?
  • Could I come visit your workplace and take pictures there? Having done so many times I can tell you that it’s great fun and goes down well with the staff. I only need 10 minutes per person
  • Do you and your housemates want to invite me to pop round for a cup of tea and some pictures?
  • I will even travel out of London to meet you (so long as there’s enough people willing to pose for a picture, a group of 10 at least)
  • If you’re out of the UK, would you like to submit your own SOTM, or take shots of your friends? It’s really easy (trust me, if I can do it…) and you can send in your photos and stories using the Your SOTM page

You can email me on mario [at] sotmario [dot] com or I’m on twitter @SOTMario or message me via the SOTM Facebook page