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SOTM iPhone app

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Mockup for SOTM app homepageWORK is firmly under way on the SOTM iPhone application, and here’s a screen shot of the home page – click on it for a larger image, which you can also zoom in on.

My idea is to allow people to use the app to take SOTM photos without the need for paper, pen or conventional camera, at any time or in any place. Instead, it can all be done via this app which will take a photo of someone, then allow the user to place a white space in front of their subject’s image, mimicking the SOTM style.

Then, a relevant message can be typed onto the white space, and the image will be sent to me, for use on the SOTM website. Also, the user can post their app images to their twitter and Facebook pages.

I’m currently talking to a charity about paying the profits from the download fees to them, and hopefully that will work out to become a fruitful partnership for lots of different reasons. I’ll post more on that as things progress there.

I certainly hope that people will use the app to generate photographs for SOTM, but also I hope the downloads will mean a few people from poorer backgrounds around the world will benefit from the SOTM project. Which would be pretty cool all round.

The app will hopefully go live around the start of December, and I’d love for people to blog about it and generally spread the word when it does. And download it, of course 😀 It will only be available on the iPhone, as I can’t afford to go cross-platform, but so long as that works out as well as I hope, then I’ll be looking for sponsors to develop Blackberry and Android versions, with the same charity policy.

Caitie and Amber

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

One day I found dozens of SOTM photos in my inbox. Immediately I thought I’d been spammed, but it turned out that all the emails were genuine. They’d been sent in by two young Americans, Caitie Quezada and Amber Willis from a little town in north Texas. I’ll let Caitie explain their story, and keep an eye out for their work on the site.

“I live in the town of Fritch. Part of why i enjoy the pictures on your site is because, like you mentioned, they are a world away from the one i live here too. I often wonder, “what if i was born there? would i be the same person?” I plan on going to our local college, in Borger for two years (starting this fall) for an associates degree in the study of arts, however it doesnt offer a degree in photography. Caitie Quezada So from there i would like to attend a bigger school for a photography degree. I cant imagine doing anything else with my life, because nothing else makes me happier than capturing moments, that catch my eye, for others to share. I suppose I see the world differently than most people.. as a young teen i was always searching for a way to share myself with the world, and i finally found it :)

“One of my really good friends, Amber, loves photography too (I met her in photo class) and so we’re always going out and doing photo shoots together. I told her about your website, and she too, fell in love. We picked a day we were both free and were going to take several sotm photos, but just of us. It turned into a full-blown scavenger hunt around town for friends and family that would like to join.

“As we drove around the small town of Borger, we also found my cousin, Tyler Reno, working on his car. which i thought would make a neat setting. He gave us his quote, which he was told one time when trying to fix his car. When we ran out of people we knew (neither Amber, nor I are extremely social) we came back to the town of Fritch, which is only about 15 minutes away from Borger. The two towns are practically inter-changeable. Everyone knows Everyone here!! We went to the only grocery store in town, and asked people to join.
Amber Willis
“However Nuuanu Odell was the only one willing to participate. She’s really out-spoken and honest, and when i asked if she was embarrased about posing, she laughed, and stated, “Who?! Me??!” We then went to one of the 4 gas stations in town, “Big Taylor’s” as everyone calls it. This is like a “meeting place” for kids, to found out what’s happenin’ and where it’s goin’ down! We met our friend, Josh Leathers, there (the ‘cuz i like to party’ guy) and he was eager to help. He knows (and is friends with) EVERYONE in town and so he called up a few friends to meet us. Hillary, Shelby, and Rhianna thought the idea was awesome, and were a lot of help. Honestly, what we came up with was a lot of small town humor. Fritch has a population of about 4,000 people, and is located in the heart of the Tx Panhandle. (so we have a lot of rednecks here!!) But also, people really grow as individuals because of the small population. Amber and I (my name is Caitie Quezada) plan on taking more sotm photos of friends, and also of ourselves.

“Thank you for creating “someone once told me”. It’s extremely inspiring, and gives a small town-southern girl like me something to do!!!! :)”