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CrowdBOING Boing has featured the Japanese ‘iPhonegrapher’ Koichi Mitsui who walks around Tokyo taking pictures with his iPhone 3GS. “The iPhone has a single-focus lens with no zoom, and this simplicity keeps me devoted to only composition and the perfect photo opp,” he explains.

Some of the results are mixed, but generally there’s some lovely work here. Mitsui’s work shows that with a bit of effort some good results can still be had with the iPhone, which aside from its focus limitations is also a lower resolution than many other mobile phone cameras.

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  1. marco says:

    mhm, i did the same. i had a better camera, though. i had a sony erricson cell phone k810 => it has quite a good 3 MP camera and I was doing as much art work with it as I could. now i have to buy a new cell phone. poor me.

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