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SOTM World Tour – Melbourne

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

Even in a city as proud as Sydney, I was struck by how many people said: “Oh, you’ll love Melbourne.”

Adventurous Kate and I are very keen on our café culture. We like nothing more than finding a cool spot with nice coffee, “glamour beat” music playing (easy listening versions of classic songs etc) and good wifi.

This is the cue for us both to spend hours on our computers, facing each other but not talking to one another much, apart from Kate telling me something she’s read about a celebrity on People Magazine’s website, and me trying to explain just why Robin van Persie’s left foot has similar abilities to Harry Potter’s wand.

It works for us, anyway.

So it was with much excitement that we hit up Melbourne, and we weren’t disappointed.

It is filled with social establishments that look ramshackle from the outside and yet are chic on the inside.

This place, for example, is a perfectly respectable cafe in the daytime. At night, when it’s closed, it looks like the kind of place that hobos might break into for shelter.

We were staying in Melbers, as I liked to call it, with my old buddy Dave, who was about to marry his charming lady, the smashing Meg (and I’m happy to say they’ve recently Sealed The Deal).

So, having reacquainted myself with long-lost friends, and introduced them to my fiancée, they kindly not only gave us a comfortable room to stay in, but also a great tip by suggesting we visit Melbourne’s Laneways, which start next to Flinders Street Station.

This, incidentally, is a proud building in its own right.

Across the street and snaking away between all the chunkily historic buildings in the heart of Melbourne, the laneways are simply a series of streets as narrow as their name suggests.

But while they’re slim, they’re still a treasure trove of shops, arcades and cafés.

There was so much to see, we could have spent all day in just the laneways alone.

Although we didn’t go in it, I liked the look of this little eaterie.

And the arcades are pretty fancy too – lots of cute shops and high class goods sitting side by side.

Oh, and did somebody say cake?

cakeThis area often has the spaces between its shops and individual lanes filled by graffiti so loud you can feel it etching itself onto your eyeballs.

Speaking of which, Hosier Lane is famous for begin a spot where graffiti artists regularly go to town on its walls, and even its floor sometimes. It’s quite a sight.

You can’t stand still for too long in Hosier Lane, or else you might end up covered in spray paint.

I was pleased to see this red scooter there – perfect photo opportunity.

While Kate and I were walking through this area, I spotted a gang of young graffiti artists. I approached them and two agreed to take part in SOTM. They were top lads. Sean, on the left, is half-Maltese!

Here’s the photo I took of Drex, who is the chap on the right.

I spotted this photo when I was walking around that day too. I wonder what’s in his purse…

And this is one of those moments where I feel the tiniest bit like my favourite photographer, Henri Cartier Bresson. Check out the signage in the alleyway where this fellow is giving his tootsies a break.

Although I prefer to have people in my photographs, buildings can give me pleasure too. This is a typical example of much of the urban architecture in Melbourne, and it’s utterly charming, as you can see.

And I loved how the light looked in this street full of shapes. For some reason, as soon as I saw all that before me, I knew it’d look best in black and white. So that’s how I took the shot.

While in Melbers I was very pleased to be interviewed by Libbi Gorr who presents a Sunday morning radio show on  774 ABC Melbourne.

We had a great on-air chat about SOTM and words that have impacted upon people. I even got to speak to some callers about the things they’d heard which proved memorable to them.

Here’s Libbi’s own SOTM.

I also later met the lovely Hilary Harper, another presenter at the same radio station. She told this story which reminded me of painful days when trying to fit in at a new school. Happily she sounds like she eventually had some luck on that score.

Shortly after my chat with Libby, Kate and I had another meetup, at Ponyfish Island bar which is built on one of the supports of a bridge over Melbourne’s Yarra river. It’s worth a look not least for its quirkiness. It’s located around the area seen in the very top image.

Here’s one of the shots I got from there, which came from the lips of a druid, no less.

Finally, on our last day in the city we went to St Kilda, which is very popular and somewhere we were often recommended to visit. Here’s the beach.

Whilst there I got this shot of a woman sat alone in a cute little café – where else?

And check out the entrance to Luna Park amusement park which is in St Kilda. Really impressive and slightly nightmarish at the same time.

That’s it for this edition of my ramblings. After slurping up the last of our coffee, Kate and I then packed up for South East Asia, so I’ll talk about our adventures in Cambodia next time.