Time To Rethink And Refresh

This is what SOTM’s home page looks like now – but what should it look like in future?

AFTER more than five years and more than 1,900 photos posted on Someone Once Told Me I’m wondering what to do next with the site, which has changed my life in so many ways.

I mean, I can’t just stop, can I? There are so many stories out there to collect, and I still love hearing the poignant, crazy and remarkable things people have been told. I’ve still never missed a single day of putting up a new photograph, something I’m incredibly proud of.

Again, I thank all those people who have shared their memorable moments in life with the rest of us, through SOTM.

I have a couple of Big Ideas about what to do next with the site. One is REALLY big, and I’ll share that with you within the next few weeks, once a few things are in place.

But right now, what I can talk about is how I’ve realised that the site needs a refresh. It’s great as it is, in my opinion, but the internet, social media and the way people use both have moved on considerably since 8 September 2007, when the site’s first ever picture went up.

I met up with Max, SOTM’s curly-haired genius site programmer, and as he said, social media wasn’t anywhere as important or influential as it is now. I wasn’t even on Twitter, for example, when the site launched. These days you can find me on there at @SOTMario and the site has a Facebook page.

So it’s time to rethink how SOTM is presented, and to refresh the site. Max and I are going to start kicking around a few ideas, with the plan that he makes the changes in February, as that’s when his schedule will allow work to be done. I’ve got a few suggestions, mainly along the lines of making it immediately obvious how to interact with SOTM via social media, while maintaining a focus on the image and story of the day.

But I’d love to hear from you guys, the people who have kept SOTM alive for so long, about what you would like to see happen. How should the site be presented in future? What should it look like? Is there anything missing that should be included? How should the site tie in more with social media?

Please do get in touch with any suggestions, either by leaving a comment here or through one of these methods. I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. ryan-1 says:


    A nice feature would be a search option. There are lots of SOTM quotes I’ve bookmarked but this would come in handy.

    I’d also like you to consider optimizing the page for widescreen displays since this is now a norm.

    The site may load faster if only the pictures are refreshed when a user hits ‘previous’ or ‘next’ instead of refreshing the entire page.

    So those were just a few thoughts. I really think this is a brilliant concept and I would like to contribute a few shots at some point in time if you’re open to that. I’m from Trinidad & Tobago by the way, way down in the Caribbean.

    Do keep well. Do keep up the great work. And happy new year to you all.



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